Alzheimers Dementure Bribie Island

Alzheimers / Dementia Bribie Island
is a site about informing people and families who are suffering with this debilitating illness that there REALLY IS HOPE.....

Hi, my name is Tony Hogben and the purpose of this site is to notify as many people throughout the world as I can, my battle with and my subsequent successful treatment of Alzheimers/Dementia which I was diagnosed with in 2007.

I feel I need to share with the rest of the population my changed circumstances, because ALL media reports, television or otherwise are very negative. They all say NO TREATMENT, NO CURE, NO HOPE!

A recent informative, extremely well put together article in THE WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN MAGAZINE (Published July 3 - 4, 2010) clarifying just that.

I live at Bribie Island in Queensland, Australia and I am amazed at "my return to life" with this drug I have been using. I enjoy each and every day in this beautiful place where I live and I am so grateful to have my life back again.....!

Please read My Story

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