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MY STORY - Tony Hogben

Since my diagnosis in 2007, my deterioration was not noticeable to myself at first, as I had been going downhill for quite a few years. By the middle of this year 2010, I realised I was in REAL trouble, so on the 29th June I requested from my doctor a drug with adrenalin in sheer desperation as I felt it may help as I had nothing to lose.

After much procrastination, the doctor prescribed me the drug "CYMBALTA" 30mg, a drug manufactured by the American company Eli Lily.

Since taking this drug, my life has been dramatically transformed, my deterioration has been halted, my memory and recall are returning and I am starting to feel "normal" again.

The doctor calls it a miracle and whilst this may not be a cure as such, even if this lasts six months or more, it is better then what is currently available at the moment which is zero!!! I feel I am living again not dying, and I feel ten years younger.

I am 60 years of age and my history in relation to this disease is, whilst living in Tasmania I suffered severe head/brain injuries in a car accident on 24th Feburary 1990, having to learn to walk, talk and work again as so often is the case in such circumstances, with my surgeon saying to me "all my other patients with such injuries are either dead or vegetables". This accident was indeed life changing......

I do not believe I am the only person that this drug would affect in this manner, but if by some strange coincidence it is then why? Australia is currently right up there with this worldwide epidemic, with around 1100 new cases being diagnosed every week in this country so the need for some sort of positive result in research is imperative.

So when in 2007 I was told to get my affairs in order as my prognosis currently and for the future was dismal, I was faced once again with another life changing scenario which I felt was my last. How people cope with this situation I do not know, and then to find a drug that as I write seems to have put me in some kind of remission, I feel I am one of the luckiest people alive. I reckon I have won the lottery. Every moment of every day I am overwhelmed with my current position and it is certainly "great to be alive", and I can afford to be generous. For some long period of time up until my latest diagnosis I had been writing my memoirs of my involvement in the racing game, my book was ready for publishing but I was fast losing interest and really did not care anymore, as is the pattern with Dementia/Alzheimers, but now anything is possible.

The eminent American Dr. Constantine Lyketsos on a recent lecture tour to Australia, stated that like America, Australia was 20 years behind in research of Dementia and associated diseases, and unless much more money was put into research, we were a long way from solving the problem, many years in fact. I have done the Australian thing, I came up with an idea, ran with it and it has worked. I am not a scientist or a chemist, my expertise was in the livestock industry, but perhaps some research should be directed at the long term effects or lack of, adrenalin on the human brain?

I can now once again do crosswords, watch and understand television, dress myself without falling over, walk up and down stairs, and write! So compared to pre "Cymbalta" 30mg I am fighting fit. The Eli Lilly company has been notified, and has flown up to Bribie Island and spoken at length to Dr Robinson, and consequently are well aware of what has transpired as a result of the use of their drug, so I am looking forward to any feedback from any persons that my story may interest or affect. My phone is 0412 235 307.





















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