Alzheimers Dementure Bribie Island - Tony Hogben Story

An autobioghraphical account put together by myself, of smalltime thoroughbred breeding and racing in all eastern states of Australia over many decades, whilst I  rapidly deteriorate with the insidious disease Dementia/Alzheimers.




This is a very frank and honest expose of the highs and lows of being an owner/breeder in the horse racing industry, with which many people will be able to identify and sympathise, told in a very candid, open, as it happened, take no prisoners style of way.

Often very confronting, my story is told with humour, sarcasm, sadness and optimism. It is at times cruel, brutal but factual.....a how NOT to do it guide, but also show how one can still participate and enjoy one of the most popular and profitable sporting industries in Australia today.






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